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Hosiery Wear & Care

Proper Fitting
To deliver the specified amount of compression at the ankle, it is important that the stockings fit properly. If the patient is not fitted properly, the compression the product actually delivers may be more or less than the specific compression level.

With the advancements in knitting processes and elastomeric yarns, "off-the-shelf" products are available at a resonable price to fit a range of sizes. "Off-the-shelf" products are equally as effective as custom products for the prevention and treatment of venous disorders when sized properly.

Measurements should be taken first thing in the morning when the legs are the least swollen. Using a measuring tape, take measurements for the selected style at the points listed below. Measure in inches both legs at the widest points and write down the results. These measurements will be needed to determine the proper size. To download a printable Fit & Measure Form, click here.

Knee High / Socks:
Ankle (b), Calf (c), Length (1), Shoe Size

Thigh High:
Ankle (b), Calf (c), Thigh (f), Length (2)

Ankle (b), Calf (c), Thigh (f), Upper Thigh (g), Waist (h)
Leg Measurements

Application Instructions
Apply Activaģ Legwear in the morning upon rising, before any possible swelling. For easier application, feet and legs should be completely dry.

  1. Gather one stocking or sock from the top to toe and draw over foot.

  2. Position heel in stocking, place foot on floor and slowly start pulling the stocking up the leg. Smooth out any wrinkles while pulling stocking up. Adjust toe for freedom of movement. For pantyhose products, continue to pull product evenly to waist and hips and adjust for comfort over groin and buttocks.

  3. To remove, slowly start from top, pulling downward, turning the stocking inside out.

Important: Rough hands, fingernails and jewelry can run and snag stockings. Do not cut any loose ends.
Application Instructions
Care Instructions
For Hosiery: To extend product life, hand wash in warm water with mild soap.
For Compressive Socks: To extend product life, hand or machine wash in warm water with mild soap.
For Both: Do not bleach. Blot to remove excess water. Air dry away from heat. Do not wash or dry.

If hosiery is extremely stretched out after wear, washing in slightly warmer water may return them to original shape.

To download a printable Product Insert, click here.