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With over 30 years of experience, FLA is able to offer one of the most complete and innovative product lines available. An extensive patent portfolio continues to distinguish FLA's innovative products from the competition.

FLA uses premium materials such as microdenier fibers, Lycra® spandex, and latex free elastics. Modern materials combined with proven designs result in the ultimate form and comfort... "Fashioned for Form and Function."®
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The Right Packaging and Programs

Home Medical Dealers
FLA offers different packaging depending on the intended customer type. Whether your business is retail storefront, healthcare distribution or export, FLA has a program and packaging that is ideal for your market. High-impact retail packaging and merchandising solutions are ONLY available to FLA's authorized home medical equipment dealers and retail independent pharmacies.

Healthcare Distributors
Healthcare professionals and distributors in specialty care markets such as orthopedic surgeons, occupational health, podiatry, physical therapists, and Veteran Affairs hospitals enjoy FLA's professional packaging with healthcare bar coding, reorder provider peel-off labels, and convenient six-pack cases on many items.

International Distributors
International distributors benefit from FLA's tri-lingual packaging in the Silver Label™ line. With English, Spanish and French, this line is ideal for distribution in the Americas. Products are packaged with complete tri-lingual care and use instructions. Export products are labeled with convenient healthcare and UPC bar coding for ease of distribution.


Authorized FLA HME Retail Dealer
Eric Barreto, Operations Manager
at Bayshore Medical, an Authorized FLA Home Medical Retail Dealer.

Quality Manufacturing
FLA products are manufactured to meet demanding standards using quality materials. FLA continuously upgrades its manufacturing assets and strives to eliminate product defects. FLA Orthopedics has maintained a defect rate of less than 1 per 10,000 units for several years. FLA's quality tracking program is second to none.

Quality Materials & Designs
The ideal materials and designs are chosen specifically for each product manufactured - each product must meet stringent specifications.

Superior Service Record
A sophisticated manufacturing scheduling program and state-of-the-art efficient processes ensure excellent service. FLA customers enjoy on-time and complete delivery of all orders from stock.

  FLA Distribution
FLA Manufacturing Plant

FLA Shipping
FLA's Warehouse & Distribution Center

Customer-Oriented Service
Customers should get what they want, when they want it, and in the condition they expect.

With dedication to customer satisfaction, FLA's Customer Service Team is available to assist with ordering and product questions. You'll find our personnel helpful, pleasant, and prompt--the best in the business.

Professional Sales Support
FLA's Professional Sales Representatives understand the different product market channels and can assist with choosing the appropriate products to modernize and simplify your orthopedic offering. Our sales coverage continues to grow as new territories are added.

Brand Name Power
FLA has introduced several unique lines over the last several years to upgrade its product offering and create brand identity and recognition.
Customer Service
FLA's Customer Service Team

Information Source
Many FLA products are packaged with informative guides that give complete product details, such as indications, features and benefits, how to size and apply, and care instructions. These guides act as valuable educational tools with medical anatomy charts, definitions and illustrations of common orthopaedic conditions, and the recommended products used to treat or prevent such conditions. FLA understands education and product knowledge are essential to consumer satisfaction.

Referral Network
FLA maintains a Referral Network of both HME Dealers and Retail Pharmacies in which prospective customers can readily access for their geographic regions.

FLA's Informative Guides
Marketing Support Materials
Depending on your business, FLA offers different marketing tools to help promote your business. Tools such as display planograms, physician mailers and script pads are available to FLA Authorized HME Dealers. For its customers, FLA maintains a large database of copyright protected graphics and product images available in digital formats for high-resolution catalog production or for web-ready applications.
Marketing Support Materials